About Jen

If clicking this page to learn “about me” were the same as ringing my doorbell, I’d invite you in and offer you a glass of wine.

I could tell you that I’m captivated by the aesthetic of film. That I’m a Midwest girl with a West Coast soul, who will always laugh at mildly inappropriate jokes and my friends would describe me as a “bubbly, straight shooter”. I could tell you how much of a self proclaimed dork I am, or that I’m a hopeless romantic, seeker of laughter, and a realist who always tries to see my wine glass as “half full”.… but instead I want you to get to know me … not just what makes me a really fun person.

What makes me “me” is the way I see the world through my camera. I create art, capture authentic moments, and tell honest stories for my clients. I consider my work Fine Art in style, but Fine Art doesn’t have to mean no smiling. My approach always starts with a heavy dose of laughter and fun, while my work has an editorial style, created by using a combination of photojournalism, natural light and magazine appeal. I will capture your images both digitally and on film, because to me, film captures a romantic, nostalgic, and timeless aesthetic that’s un-matchable with digital alone.

Growing up in Michigan and living the majority of my adult life in Arizona taught me the spectrum of natures beauty, and is where I find most of my inspiration.

Lastly, I believe that my Clients are not just people who ask me to tell their story… but are friends I’m destined to meet.

So friend, do you prefer red or white?





– Outdoor Ceremonies

– Neutral Colors

– Loose floral

– Staying true to who you are

– Clean aesthetics

– Farm Tables

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